3d Adventurer waves a friendly hello

“Just a few meanderings and musings about London…”

Face Value and Flight Path have a lot of London locations. Today I went and had a proper close-up look at some of them for the first time in quite a while. I also took in a whole bunch of other London sights. Nothing to do with books, but it prompted a small list of things that have struck me since being back in town:

  1. Lots of people still smoke.
  2. Lots and lots of people use those vapour stick things.
  3. There are a lot of foreign workers. Now… this is not an anti-immigration statement. It is just an observation that in cafes, restaurants, hotels and pubs there are a lot of Eastern Europeans, Italians and other nationalities working. In case you still think this is a negative comment, it really isn’t. There are some notable positives from the situation:
    1. Tourists in cafes and hotels can now be fairly confident someone on the staff will speak their language. (That alone is a HUGE boon for UK tourism). No longer will visitors get shouted at to speak English. In the “Great British Fish & Chip Shop” in Leicester Square I heard Italian, Spanish, Russian and one unidentified language. The customers being addressed were relaxed and happy.
    2. Most hospitality jobs are filled with people keen to have them and keen to do a good job. Standards of service are way better than they used to be.
    3. Give them a generation and the UK will have a whole new middle class 🙂
  4. London Underground Transport staff are plentiful, happy, polite and really, really helpful. Fantastic.
  5. Technology on display in the streets is quite innovative. Hologram greeters and video adverts are beginning to make the place look like a sci-fi movie.
  6. Standard of TV has crashed. Seriously, with the exception of a couple of good dramas, what on earth are you doing to it? Maybe it was always like that and I just never got to see daytime TV?
  7. There are lots of ladies with accordions and little dogs on street corners. Is there a factory production line churning them out?
  8. There are a lot less McDonald’s restaurants than there used to be.
  9. There are a lot more Union flags on buildings and generally on show.
  10. Oyster cards are cool.

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