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“Lewis Carroll’s old stomping ground, although the Mad Hatter and Alice have nothing on the Colwyn Bay Murder & Mayhem group…”

The second book event of the tour was in a town I’ve known since I was a boy of seven. I spent many a summer holiday there and then later, during the early years of my RAF career, it was a home away from home. My younger sister still lives locally with her family, and I thought it would make a great stop on my travels. Luckily, Anne and Elin and all the rest of the Llandudno Library staff thought so too.
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I must say a huge thank you to Anne for all her efforts in getting things to work so well and for all the help she has provided connecting me up with various reading groups. One of which, the Murder & Mayhem group from Colwyn Bay, were well represented on the night. (Okay, that’s not their real name, but it worked on the evening, so I want them to adopt it).

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The library is right bang in the middle of the main thoroughfare, Mostyn Street, and is housed in, what on the outside appears to be, a traditional Victorian building, but inside has been completely and fantastically refitted. Bright, light and welcoming it’s a great space for readers of all ages.

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The event itself was good fun, people laughed at my rambling stories, they seemed to enjoy the book readings, I signed a lot of books and all in all, it went swimmingly. Some of the “Murder” ladies were even persuaded to pose for a photo 🙂 Alas, by the time I realised, I had missed the opportunity for a photo with another attendee who I was delighted to see on the night.

2016-03-24 19.43.30Eric, a representative of the local National Service association and an RAF veteran from the 1950s, had driven himself through a very cold, stormy and rainy night all the way from Anglesey because he had read in the local press I was ex-RAF. It’s men like Eric, secretaries of the veterans associations and their like, that keep the camaraderie of the Service alive and well. I am sad he left before I got the chance for a photo.

I wish you well Eric. Thanks for coming and thanks to all that turned up. Now, a day of rest before the trip to Dublin…

Till next time…
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