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Ian Andrew – Author
To be fair, I’ve been many things. Air Force avionics technician, then computer programmer & analyst, military intelligence officer, instructor, small business owner, construction crew manager, training designer, facilitator. But, always a writer. Always.
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Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, I grew up in the coastal town of Larne, surrounded by the amazing scenery of the North Antrim coast. Larne’s a brilliant wee town that has often had a bad press. But that’s okay as it saves it for those that love it.
I joined the Royal Air Force at eighteen and had a fantastic twenty years. Near the end of that time I met and married my wife. We now live in Australia and I regularly thank whatever karma placed me here. Living up on a stunning ridge-line overlooking a flat, often flooded, paddock that is home to a mob of about thirty kangaroos, it’s like something out of an Australian folk song. Every afternoon they rest under the trees and every evening they ‘mosey’ through, eating grass and generally being kangaroos. Life could be worse.
ATTEPMy first novel, A Time To Every Purpose, was published as an e-book in February 2014 and the paperback was released in May 2014. Both editions are available through Amazon and most major online bookstores. To find out more about it visit the Amazon Store.
FinalMy second book is the first in a series of detective stories, centred on a pair of female Private Investigators, Kara Wright and Tien Tran. I continue to work on the rest of the series. I’m also at the very early stages of a children’s book about crazy rabbits, putting some thought into publishing a collection of poetry and have the opening chapter of another sci-fi saga.
So that’s me. Well, obviously not all of me… If it was then this whole blog site would be kinda small. So, welcome and I hope you enjoy what you find. Like it, share it and comment on it as you please.
Ian Andrew
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