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What if Jesus hadn’t been crucified?

For two thousand years the religions of earth have been united in peace and harmony, and humanity enveloped in Nirvana. But in the early decades of the twentieth century, natural disasters, famine, disease and economic collapse bring catastrophe and a fledgling Nazi Party sweeps to power. Now, almost a century later, their brutal persecution of millions is a never-ending holocaust.

Yet a few heroes remain.

Leigh Wilson, inventor of one of the most significant discoveries in human history and a leading member of the Reich’s Technical Division has kept a secret all her life. But plunged into the aftermath of the cold-blooded murder of a Nazi official, she is forced to make a choice. Will she use her power to reset history? Will she destroy what she loves to save what she can only imagine?

A Time to Every Purpose is a thrilling mix of science and action, good versus evil, and the eternal question all humans face: Is this my time to act?

Reviews for A Time To Every Purpose

“A Time To Every Purpose by Ian Andrew deals with huge concepts, looking at the broad sweep of history… a well-executed alternate history novel with some great action scenes.”  (John Wyatt, NewsUK)

An intoxicating blend of a Nazi future, world religions and and science fiction underpin an intriguing plot

“A thriller with heart… Gifted storytelling combines with meticulous scientific and historical research to produce a memorable and profoundly moving story…” (Elaine Fry, The West Australian)

WOW!! Just, well, wow!

“In his debut novel Ian Andrew seeds a clever plot with many twists that gradually weave together as the storyline accelerates towards its unexpected conclusion… For me the mark of a five-star read is whether you glance at the clock at the end of a chapter, see that it is way past your bedtime, and tell yourself for the tenth time: ‘Just one more chapter’. This is one of those reads.”

“That was awesome brilliant absorbing brilliant un-put-down-able brilliant and also brilliant 😊 seriously I very much enjoyed that read. You can just read it or you can think about it at the same time, and I love writing that makes me think about it. You have to give this one a read, you really do!!.”