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Wright & Tran Are Back!

Kara Wright and Tien Tran, combat veterans of an elite intelligence unit, now make their living as Private Investigators. Often working the mundane, just occasionally they get to use all their former training.

“I’d like you to make sure
the dead are really dead.”

So it is that the enigmatic Franklyn tasks Kara and Tien to investigate the apparent suicide of a local celebrity. Within days the women are embarked on a pursuit that leads halfway around the globe and into the darkest recesses of the human condition. Kara, Tien and their team will endure mental stress worse than anything they experienced from combat and, like combat, not everyone makes it home.

Reviews for Flight Path

…Wright and Tran are the best in the business. Andrew’s own experience working with Military Intelligence provides his work with authenticity and heart… He is an author who can be relied upon to deliver a good – no, much more than that – a great read.
The West Australian

Another fantastic read from Ian Andrew – Characters vividly brought to life, and superb descriptions of his round-the-world tour locations. This is a great story which has you hooked to the end. Bring on Fall Guys!

I absolutely loved this novel, especially the “development” of the secondary characters. The story line is very plausible and kept me enthralled from the first sentence. Can hardly wait for Fall Guys.

Second in the series and in my humble opinion, they are going from strength to strength. Good story throughout and great to see the central characters being fleshed out more. I like the small touches of authenticity that for me ground the story and provide a healthy dose of credibility during the fiction. If you haven’t sampled this series yet I would suggest starting with Face Value, but you can jump straight into Flight Path as a standalone story if you wish. Highly recommended and bring on the third.

I finished ‘Flight Path’ last night – fast moving; exciting; characters you get to know; and a romance! Even better than the first ‘Wright and Tran’ novel. I hope Ian has a plot in mind for the next one.

A fantastic 2nd book in this series. A standalone story, with very current and pertinent themes, fast paced, thrilling and a climax that will leave you desperate for more. Loved it!

Excellent second book in this intriguing series. Full of action, tension and the darkest sides of humanity.

Fantastic just what I would expect from Ian Andrew.